Friday, March 8, 2013


This is how things go around here lately at 5:15'ish...time to make dinner and I am uncertain as to what that means. I figure out something to have, and then realize I am missing at least half of the required ingredients. I spent most of Wednesday planning to make some sort of chicken and gravy dish to serve over noodles. The catch? No noodles. That's okay, I'll put it over rice. The catch? I don't have the bag of frozen peas I was planning to use for my concoction. I decided to throw havoc to the wind, and started opening doors and drawers to see what ingredients I actually did have.

Here is a general guideline to what I made. My son suggested I try mystery meals more often, as he enjoyed the dish.

Cook two chicken breasts in a bit of oil with some salt and pepper, oh and some garlic powder (as I was out of fresh...of course). Dice some carrots and throw them in the pan. Then put some chopped onion in. Cook it up for a bit. Take the chicken out and cut into smallish pieces, then throw it back in the pan.

Add a little butter to the concoction, then add a cup and half of rice.
Stir it up. Hey, if you have some fresh spinach hiding out in the veggie bin, slice that up and add it now too. Keep stirring for a few minutes, then add some chicken broth until even with rice.

Cover the pan and let the broth cook down, add some more broth (use general rice cooking guidelines, but allow for a bit of extra liquid)...repeat this until the rice is tender. Remove the pan from the heat and sprinkle a covering of romano cheese over the rice, then stir it in. You can call it risotto, as opposed to the title of this post!

Oh, and peas might have been a nice addition...see what you have around and have fun!

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